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The Zaborowski's of Levittown:
Sent: Monday, August 02, 2010 8:27 PM
To: howarewedoing@straightforwardfence.com
Subject: how are we doing

Dear Marta and Gary,

We decided that our next house project would be to "transform" our back yard. First steps would be to have the 4 big ugly trees removed and then have a PVC fence installed. We thought that we would have to call a tree company and a fence company for this part of the project, but much to my surprise, you handled it all for us. And I did my homework, your pricing....EXCELLENT!!

I had some concerns after the trees were removed and called Straight Forward right away. Marta had immediate answers and reasonable explanations that instantly calmed my fears. You even sent the own over to the house to discuss my concerns but that wasn't necessary. Your word was good with me.

Thank you for having the trees removed while we were on vacation and for installing our new fence today. We have so much more space to work with now backed by a good quality fence.

Great job by all. Owner operated is definitely the way to go! You have our recommendations.

PS. Next project will be a picket fence for the front yard. Talk to you soon!

The Zaborowski's
Levittown, PA
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